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Beeswax Recycle

Beeswax Recycle

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Beeswax is a precious resource. It is cleaned and kept by beekeepers year after year in big and small amounts. Every gram is valuable when you consider the hard work that goes into it on the part of the bees and also the beekeepers and candlemakers.

We are always happy to reuse any amount of wax. If you'd like to collect and return your candle bottoms instead of composting them, simply add this product to your order and we'll include postage paid packaging for you to use.

1. Simply add this product to your order.

2. We'll send you a self-adressed and stamped package for return of your candle bottoms

A little bit of beeswax on hand is not a bad thing. You can use it as a craft material, you can use it like modelling clay, you can make your own floor polish with it, you can use it to grease sticky zippers or you can use small amounts of clean beeswax to refinish your food wraps or make your own balms and creams... If you are so inclined ;)

Beeswax is a natural product and completely compostable. Any unused wax can also go in your brown bin.