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The art of beeswax candle-making

These babies are a labour of love, like all good things. 

They’re temperamental and tricky to work with. Each one has a distinctive character all its own. It seems our current role as mums has prepared us well for this.

Alas, you can't just take the wax out of the hive and stick a wick in it. There is a lot of cleaning involved.

This is the point in the process where the air guitars and wooden spoon microphones come out. All the fresh air seems to draw out our unfiltered side as we break, melt, sift and sieve the wax until the golden wax is rendered clean.

Then begins the fun of seeing what each batch will yield. What colour, scent, and texture will emerge? How will they pour and set? 

Burning the beeswax candle is its own journey of discovery. Some are solid and others set with interior cracks and caverns. Much like the rocky crags of our island shoreline.

The final melt, filter and pour of candle-making demands a watchful eye. It is a constant study, you are always observing something new about the craft.

There is something to the quiet and deep focus of pouring the candles that is unlike any other part of the process. This is the meditation, the pause, quiet and stillness that transports you just for a few moments.

By the time each one is ready to wrap and ship from Woodtown to your town, our whole hearts are in them and this is how we’d have it.


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