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Why Beeswax?

- Naturally bright light, the same spectrum as the sun.
- Produces negative ions that neutralise airborne pollutants.
- Benefits those with environmental allergies, sensitivities, and asthma.
- 100% natural, compostable and no chemical processing.
- The natural scent of honey is a treat for the olfactory system.
100%, pure beeswax, sourced directly from the beekeepers here in Ireland, is our ingredient to our candles. We personally find scented candles a bit too much for our olfactory systems - so we went on a discovery journey to find a candle that would work, and not irritate our noses.
We find the natural, subtle honey scent that the beeswax candle throws is just enough. It's the ideal candle if you too suffer from airborne sensitivities but still wish to continue enjoying the beautiful warm glow from a lit candle. 
All-natural, raw golden beeswax used in Woodtown beeswax candles