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Tea Lights in Glass Holders
6 beeswax tea lights on a dusty pink surface with blurred greenery in the background. Pure beeswax tea lights
single beeswax tea light in a clear glass holder in foreground with group of beeswax tea lights blurred in the back ground with flowers
pure beeswax tea light burning in a clear glass holder sitting on a ledge with a small vase of flowers and some crystals

Tea Lights in Glass Holders

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Our beautiful beeswax tea lights are just the ticket to enjoy at any time, not just tea time!

Made with 100% Irish beeswax, which we source directly from the beekeepers here in Ireland. Hand-filtered and poured by us, Rachel & Summer.

Each tea light comes in a clear glass holder. 6 of each per box.

Refills available.

Enjoy the natural, warm glow and wellbeing benefits from these beeswax candles. Bringing the outside in.

Burns clean for about 6 hours each

Overall Height 26mm X Width 46mm