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A transparent bag with Woodtown Studio Bee Happy printed on the front, and 10 beeswax celebration candles inside. Placed on a wood surface with 4 beeswax candles lying beside the packet.
An image of a woodtown studio bee happy beeswax candle lit atop an iced cake on a plate with a bronze fork, all sitting on a wooden table
A cream iced two tier cake with woodtown studio bee happy celebration candles adorning it, all lit. Some fern greenery in the background, A peach poppy is on the side of the cake.
Two packets of woodtown studio bee happy celebration candles lying in a wooden circular try, with flags adorning celebration moments like Pay Day, Birthdays, Back to School, New Job.
Bee Happy Celebration Candles

Bee Happy Celebration Candles

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Until further notice...Celebrate Everything!

All-natural, 100% Irish beeswax celebration candles to bring the brightest light to all your special moments.

Each candle is hand-dipped, by Rachel & Summer, and reflects natural variations.

Enjoy atop a celebration cake or muffin, or place in a suitable holder and enjoy at the dinner table, a yoga session or a mindful cuppa'

8 candles per pack

About 40min burn time per candle

Approximately 110mm tall x 5mm diameter