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a white dish with a dozen yellow beeswax celebration candles on. A lit yellow beeswax pillar candle lit, half out of shot. Some yellow daisies, all of these lying on a cream cotton fabric
A small chocolate egg placed on a terracotta dish with a single celebration beeswax candle liit in it
A few yellow beeswax candles lit, in candleholders, on a wooden table with pink and white blooms scattered in various size vases amongst them. Some glass holders and white ceramic holders are used. Pink peopnies, and cow parsley flowers
An image of a woodtown studio bee happy beeswax candle lit atop an iced cake on a plate with a bronze fork, all sitting on a wooden table
A cream iced two tier cake with woodtown studio bee happy celebration candles adorning it, all lit. Some fern greenery in the background, A peach poppy is on the side of the cake.
Two packets of woodtown studio bee happy celebration candles lying in a wooden circular try, with flags adorning celebration moments like Pay Day, Birthdays, Back to School, New Job.
Bee Happy Celebration Natural

Bee Happy Celebration Natural

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Until further notice...Celebrate Everything!

All-natural, 100% Irish beeswax celebration candles to bring the brightest light to all your special moments.

Each candle is hand-dipped by Rachel, and reflects natural variations.

Enjoy atop a celebration cake or muffin, or place in a suitable holder and enjoy at the dinner table, a yoga session or a mindful cuppa'

8 candles per pack

About 40min burn time per candle

Approximately 110mm tall x 5mm diameter